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08.30.16 - 133 photos

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Hairy Girl w/Glasses

Finally a set where the model keeps her glasses on the whole time! Hope you guys like it. Lilith is so cute and just oozes sensuality. Lots of up close pussy shots, I just couldn’t get her to stop spreading it for me!

03.03.16 - 112 photos

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New Model! Lilith Luxe!

Welcome new model; Lilith Luxe! This beautiful girl posed for me in her thigh highs and stockings in my living room. Taking full advantage of the window light and her photographers perspective from being a porn editor herself. Don’t miss the amazing videos of this highly erotic, all natural and filthy mouthed creature.

09.01.16 10:56 minutes

Intense Orgasm

Lilith has a new toy to try out. It’s a very powerful vibrator with a tip small enough to allow you to see her juicy pussy getting turned on and wet as she’s using it. Lilith talks you through every little feeling she’s having as she gets closer to orgasm.

04.19.16 14:33 minutes


Lilith is at home in her shorts and tank top, brushing out her armpit hair in the mirror and you are lucky enough to be able to spy on her! She combs out her armpits and bushy pussy before getting in the shower, soaping up all her hairy bits, peeing and making herself cum with the showerhead!

03.26.16 13:16 minutes

Hairy Self Love

Lilith really loves her body, like really loves it. She sensuously talks about her body hair as she touches her body, about how connected to herself her pussy and armpit hair makes her feel, as she gets more turned on her pussy starts oozing delicious, thick, white cum.


Kinky Hairy Girl

Lilith is so sexy in her thigh high garters and lithe all natural body. She teases the camera and turns herself on with lots of kinky toys like nipples clamps and much, much more