Your Hairy Secretary


  1. hairycurvydirty says:

    You are always so gorgeous, Nikki.

  2. shackwise12 says:

    as everyone must know by now, my ultra fav scenario, the gorgeous secretary in all her great costume!

  3. Nikki, I have to say that this photo set is truly a work of erotic art. In many ways it reminds me of being in Europe during the mid 60’s where women, like teachers, secretaries, office workers, and others who needed to dress elegantly, but did not shave their bodies. It was so exciting to a young man to catch a glimpse of a hairy armpit, or an unshaven leg under those “proper” cloths!
    I recall having a maths teacher who dressed like this. In the autumn when it was still warm she would on occasion wear a sweater in the morning, but as the day warmed, she would remove it and expose her unshaven armpits. Sometimes she would call upon me to solve an equation on the blackboard. I knew if I made an error that she would go to the board and she reach up with the chalk to correct the mistake. sometimes I would be close enough to inhale her natural scent. What a turn on!
    Well thank you for bringing back those memories, your photos are indeed very provocative, beautiful and elegantly sexy!

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