I made myself cum at the pool

Rise and shine! It's time to masturbate at the pool...

Nikki gave me a darling baby blue vintage bikini for the shoot today. It was so tiny it could barely keep my hair covered! My bush was spilling out through my bottoms.

Nikki told me she wanted more anal play videos for the site and I told her that I was her girl! I love anal. My ass is pretty tight, but I'm able to get more and more up there each time I get fucked or play with myself. I stripped out of my bathing suit for the camera and started rubbing my clit and fingering myself by the pool. I got so turned on that I was able to stuff two of my fingers deep inside my ass and finger myself at the same time. I was so proud of being able to fuck my ass so deeply that I spread my cheeks apart and showed off my gaping butt hole to Nikki.

I'm excited for the video to come out! There will be lots more anal from me and Nikki. We want to start filming ourselves turning each other out and working on those tight hairy ass holes! Soon she'll be able to fuck me in the ass with a big dildo.

Well, time for sleep, I'm sure my dreams will be wet. Hope yours are too!