Mexico Shoots

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Hello everyone,

It's a bright and beautiful morning here in Oakland California. It's about 10:30 AM PST and I'm drinking coffee, finishing up some internet work before getting dressed and doing some gardening to start the day off right!

Wow, I have so much to update on. Yesterday I did a whole of clips of me peeing in all different locations, positions and outfits in my yard!

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I took many of the suggestions I've gotten over the last year or so and will be putting the clips in 'Behind the Scene's' as they are all rather short.

I'm curious how you all will respond to these clips. They are much for fetishy than most of the content on here but I like to mix things up!

I also began editing the content I shot in my Mexico with my friend Ash Cassidy. We got some seriously beautiful shots, some screenshots which I've posted here.

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Something about the equator sun does create a very different and very warm and beautiful quality. Too bad I can't go down there to shoot all the time!

And then! In VERY exciting news, I will be doing a scene with, beautiful Spanish model here, Amarna Miller this Saturday for Crash Pad Series! Check out the site here!


It's really too bad that she's not hairy anymore as I'd love to do a scene with her here but Crash Pad Series is an amazing site and I highly encourage you to join and watch our scene if you enjoy seeing women loving women having really authentic sex with each other.

If you do sign up for Crash Pad before the scene, please use this link: and I'd like to extend an offer to let me know what you'd like to see us do and I'll try to work it into our scene as much as possible! Please send me a screenshot or something of your confirmation with what you'd like! to

In other news I've been very excited about gardening as per the usual. Lots more time in the dirt for me and in beautiful pussy!

Have a gorgeous weekend! See you soon