4K! Water Sports ;)

Pearl lets you watch her take a piss in the shower, it feels so erotic, the nectar flowing from her hairy pussy, she pee's into a cup and pours it over her hairy bush before soaping up and washing off her beautiful, all natural body.

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  1. shackwise12 says

    1st off fab classy shower setting, 2nd off, hands up all those who would have drunk Pearl’s glorious glass of pee, oh yaaay!! love pouring the wee all over herself, super wet hair shots, Pearl has perfect distribution of bodyhair & tattoos not too intrusive!! super soaping , lovely thick pussy hair , pits hair & of course my personal fav leg hair!! Pearl has great screen presence , a super sexy voice & figure to die for!! Just luv this vid, Pearl, lensperson, & of course Nikki for creating the whole scenario!! Brill!!!!šŸ„°

  2. shackwise12 says

    Yeah take that on board Nikki, u do a splendid job!! ( Vince P.)šŸ„°

  3. nstymacd1 says

    I’m jealous of that glass…I wish it were my mouth there instead…yummm

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