Dark, Wet Hair in the Bath

The video to go along with the photoset. Lots of close ups of Kisa's amazing body hair swaying in the water of her bath and her soaping up and washing all her hairy bits! Soon she's naked and playing with her pretty, all natural pussy and making herself cum using the faucet!

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  1. muser424ki says

    Awesome young lady with beautiful sexy body.

  2. Eivind Niclasen says

    First a girl/girl video with Kisa Fae, then a girl/girl video with Harley Hex and now Kisa herself taking a bath. For every upload I could not imagine anything on the same level of female eroticism and breathtaking natural hairiness. How wrong I have been..! Every time Nikki uploads something spectacular it seems she is able to follow it up with something equally sensational. Incredible. I have over the years enjoyed memberships on several hairy girl websites, but none of them even come close to what NN has. It´s interactive, inclusive and progressive; in other words absolutely perfect! It´s also constantly evolving, so I will not try to make any predictions for what is to come later. Instead, I will enjoy the content fully and thank the lovely Nikki for all the great material made available to us lucky members. Sorry to be kissing your ass again, Nikki, but it felt justified – as always! 😉

  3. shackwise11 says

    Breathtaking stuff! what a fantastic girl Kisa is! please keep her on a regular basis Nikki!

  4. keithperna10 says

    she is the most beautiful girl i ever seen..keep up good work,,more please of kisa fae

  5. JeffRay123 says

    Kisa is so hot. Please more photo sets and videos.

  6. jakejames87 says

    Absolutely Breathe takingly Beautiful

  7. Wolf woman i love ir

  8. Ck17hm7tuaVN says

    Hi N&N,
    I like very much this Kisa’s video Dark, wet hair in the bath but I cannot download it !
    I can download some of the videos but not this one and believe it is because of your initial old system !

  9. MyNiouLoginDMD9 says

    Hairy and get wet in the bathtub is perfect for Kisa here, Harley … I look forward the next video showing Bella Mae wet & hairy in the tub ! … But When ?

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