Exhibitionist Adventures

Harley and I went to my favorite cemetery to prove to you that she really does go outside, in short skirts and tank tops, showing off her super hairy legs and armpits for all to see! She brazenly talks about her experiences being hairy out in the world while flashing armpits, boobs and bush. Eventually we find a spot facing away from the street so she can masturbate but anyone could have stumbled upon us!

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  1. ikarus123 says

    in a gravyard? Thats poor taste even to my standards

    • Nikki Silver says

      really? Well, my apologies. Graveyards are a common place folks go to do naughty things because there aren’t too many people there. Guess I’m a bad girl, huh?

  2. Delboy359 says

    Using a graveyard is in very bad taste and very disrespectfull.

  3. BaconBoyBobby says

    Personally? I love the graveyard thing. Glad to see it!

  4. Harley stroking and tugging at those arm pits too much. Would be so much nicer just holding up her arms. Besides it being a distraction, the hands block the view.

  5. armpitlover says

    really hot…makes me look at a graveyard i live by in a whole new way šŸ˜‰

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