Hairy Acrobat

Kisa is a former gymnast and loves playing and moving her body around! Enjoy her flashing her hairy pussy at you as she swirls and twirls.

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  1. Super Hairy Girl, I like !

  2. shackwise12 says

    Swing time !! No not the big bands of the 40’s, but the supremely gorgeous Kisa, having fun on a swing hanging from a big ole tree in the countryside! Wearing pinkish colored top and bottom Kisa propels the swing about, we see fabulously hairy armpits, legs, arms and not forgetting her legendary facial hair!! Removing the top, Kisa fondles her nipples and then with the bottoms discarded we see that lovely hairy pussy. Kisa has hair on her breasts as well, with some acrobatics performed on the swing, Kisa rubs her pussy and succumbs to that wonderfully delirious sensation, ( we all know!). Finally Kisa relaxes on the swing, crossing her lovely hairy, toned legs!! A must for anyone, Kisa is one of the best hairy models currently working, and Nikki has brought out the best of her attributes for sure!!

  3. There are so many things to love about Kisa that it is sometimes possible to miss attributes that would stand out with other models but are overlooked when it comes to her. Of course there is the fact that she has lovely hair all over, from her legendary whiskers to her hairy toes…. and the additional fact that she is simultaneously incredibly cute and sexy and has a beautiful face. But what really stands out in this video is this girl is incredible shape!!! I love her gymnast body. Her strong, toned legs are impossible to miss, but look at her muscular upper back, toned shoulders and neck. Like most gymnast, she may be small but she is one hot dynamo. In this video she shows that she is certainly one of the fittest models on the site. Kisa just keeps getting better and better and this video has left craving more. I would love to see more updates like this one that highlight Kisa’s athleticism and beautiful toned body.

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