Hairy Casting Couch 9! with Olive Wren!

Olive comes into my studio for her casting couch audition. So shy at first she soon opens up and lets me lick her delicious hairy body head to toe!

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  1. OswaldCobblepot says

    O.M.G Speechless, , Nikki will always be my platonic love N.1 and now Olive joins, what a beautiful and sexy body, that haory body and pussy are amazing.

  2. takenakagawa1 says

    Wow! What a super awesome video! It’s so amazing! Many great shots with nice angles all the way through the video. Also the quality of the image is so fantastic, so real. Your 4K camera is really a magic, Nikki. I love Olive’s treasure trail so much but what a gosh the way it looks is so spectacular and so gorgeous with so nicely close up shot. So thick, so long and so dark! Olive’s treasure trail is Trifecta, absolutely. It’s really beyond description. I also like you love Olive so softly and so passionately with TLC. Next, I really wanna see your fucking Olive passionately with your strap-on dildo. Can I expect that?

  3. truloverofhairywomen says

    Beautiful…just beautiful…would luv to do a photo shoot with u 2

    Mmmmmmm lick,lick

  4. bushman1942 says

    OMG !!! It was well worth the wait. Olive’s treasure trail is a forest. Her bush is a jungle and that ass of hers is the Grand Canyon of unimaginable hirsute heaven. I can only imagine the total intoxicating euphoria that Nikki was experiencing with that hairy Goddess. Can hardly wait for more of her videos.

  5. buskmand123 says

    Just amazing. That super hairy belly and ass besides a really hirsute pussy. When I was younger I could only dream of this. I saw pictures of a very wide hairy belly on a girl called Rosa in the 80’s (Rustler and Rapier Magazine) and she had a super hairy ass too, but her legs and underarms were shaved. Beautiful Olive’s belly here beats Rosa’s and together with her hairy thighs and legs too she is just my hairy dream.

  6. shackwise12 says

    What a w/end treat!! Olive arrives, dressed in a whit blouse, red cardigan, denim skirt and white slip-ons! Olive sits coyly on the couch, Nikki begins the audition, admiring Olive’s impressive hairy legs, and putting a slightly apprehensive Olive at ease! With the introductions done, Nikki suggests Olive begin to get undressed! Off comes the skirt, revealing Olive’s super hairy treasure trail and pussy! Next the blouse,with cardigan already discarded, Nikki comes closer to Olive and into camera shot! With much admiration, Nikki caresses and proceeds to lick Olive’s gorgeous treasure trail, causing Olive to moan with pleasure! With Olive turned with her back to camera,Nikki inspects her super hairy bottom, giving a few playful slaps into the bargain! Spreading Olive’s sumptious bottom cheeks, Nikki begins to lick and suck that lovely pussy, with some help from a couple of fingers! Olive’s growing excitement becomes apparent, with ever increasing moans, gasps and salacious requests! With Olive laid back facing Nikki we witness a super licking and sucking by Nikki, going down deep into Olive’s fabulously hairy bush! Great close-ups, the focus shifts, so we are looking down at Nikki’s face, buried in Olive’s pussy! Olive builds to a wonderful climax, and for the final frames we see Nikki astride Olive, who is returning the favor with some equally erotic cunninlingus! A fab 26+ mins with Olive continuing her successful liaison with Nikki, and producing great results! NN, under Nikki’s superb direction is going from strength to strength!!🥰❤️

  7. More Olive more Olive more Olive!!! Are her nipples hairy?

  8. More Olive THE HAIRIEST BUSH COMPARISON 5 girls were great
    Nikki you are beautifull in this video

  9. coccosmith says

    Nikki – love the way you eating that pussy! Passionate and juicy.

  10. This is so hot. Any women would be lucky if you went down on them. Are you looking for any more models? Lol

  11. I forgot how awesome this video was

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