Hairy Lesbian Softball

Sweet faced Felix has a dominant side. This bossy softball captain takes advantage of rookie player Mire and coerces her into giving her a massage to get on 2nd base. Felix has Mire massage her generous booty, then rub her boobs on her butt. Soon Felix is telling Mire to take off all her clothes and they compare bushes but of course Felix's is bigger. Felix tells Mire to rub her boobs on Felix as she lays on her back as part of the massage. These two all natural beautys look so sexy rubbing all over each other all oiled up. Soon Felix is grabbing Mire's nipples and kissing her with passion, laying her on her back to do what she's been waiting to do, lick her sweet hairy pussy! Felix then climbs on Mire's face to get her own orgasm before climbing back between Mires legs to make her cum again!

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  1. Eivind Niclasen says

    Two hairy beauties, kissing, a relaxed setting, licking of armpits. What´s not to love? A great video. It´s longer than usual, and yet every minute feels essential.

  2. Felix is bae! Great video with some killer close up hairy worship.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Thank you! I tried very hard with this one to get lots of good hair worshipping close ups, as you all have requested. And yes, Felix may look eternally youthfull but I think her sexuality gets more complex, mature and interesting and she ages and I’m excited to keep shooting her in the years to come. Indeed we are pretty close friends at this point!

  3. Felix is one of the best.

  4. bigbushguy says

    both of their bodies are amazing

  5. More definitely got to second base and more. Who could resist being Felix’s slave? One lick of those pits and she’d own me.

  6. peticochon says

    yhy nikki these girls love kiss nipples pussies and mouth as nobody can the ride on face is georgous i ask myself whom i prefer the older or the younger

  7. chimpynuts says

    one of my favorite girl/girl vids on this site. love seeing these girls lick each others armpits and eat each others hairy pussy.

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