4K! Hairy Yoga Teacher

4K! You've come to yoga class not only to center yourself but also because your teacher is a hot, curvy and hairy! She notices you eyeing her pits, makes you lick up her sweaty armpits, get's naked and teases you verbally before making you lick her hairy pussy.

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  1. Nikki I wanna ask you a question about whats natural, what do you define as natural in your “Naughty Natural” code. To me a girl who eats healthy food (fruit, veg, superfoods, etc), has healthy skin and a bush is more natural than a girl with bush who eats unhealthy food (standard American diet, factory farmed meat, gmos, and other junk), it’s all about taking care of yourself while still being hairy lol. Oya looks quite healthy but what is the “Naughty Natural” code in your eyes that determines what is a natural woman?

    • Nikki Silver says

      I agree with you! For the purposes of this website natural implies, not shaving or trimming but I do try to shoot people who I think are healthy and well balanced people in general. Partially because that’s who I like to be around! It is not my place to judge anyone’s diet but yes, Oya is a real yoga instructor and lives a very clean lifestyle, as do I.

  2. incredible video. this turned me on so much

  3. iancarlson755 says

    Really enjoy the chill, instructional, matter of fact style to the dialogue. Detailed but not overly explicit and modest exhibitionism. Like she actually is instructing a class. Very sexy, confident young woman..

  4. Great video.

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