Hairy in my garden

Olive's enjoying a beautiful day in the garden. Feeling the soft caress of the foliage against her hairy ass cheeks. She can't help but grab a seat and pleasure her big juicy clit.

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  1. takenakagawa1 says

    Wow! I like this video so much, Olive! You are so cute and beautiful in this cute plaid patterned French sleeve summer dress. I like this dress so much and this is really going so well with you and your hairy body. Your carpeted hairy legs seen from the bottom of the dress look so sexy and beautiful! Also, your trifecta armpits hair seen from the French sleeve look so cute and wild! And look at that beautiful body! So well-proportioned body! And such long and straight legs! I’m admiring that your body hair looks in full bloom when you show your whole body raising your arms! That is beautiful and dark cascading head hair, thick and exotic eyebrows, trifecta armpits hair, towering supreme treasure trail, jungle bush, and carpeted seamless legs hair! You are more than Venus, the summit of beauty and love! I’m just gasping, so speechless!

  2. takenakagawa1 says

    Like a usual practice, this photoset is coming shortly, isn’t it, Nikki?

  3. starrch777 says

    Wow I just joined because I saw this girl on PH. I cant imagine a girl more perfect than this. I’m afraid the rest of the models wont stand up against her hairy ass and AWESOME treasure trail. Her face is even beautiful too. Oh man, where in the world do you find women like this? They certainly dont exist in California ;-/

    • Nikki Silver says

      Haha, well that’s pretty funny b/c both Olive and are located in California. What can I say, I’m part of an underground network of hairy babes! That’s why you’re here, right?

  4. Olive is so stunning! Nikki, me and you know how to appreciate an hairy asshole like the one in beautiful Olive Wren.

  5. The hairiest pussy in the world!

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