Outside Vibration

Don't you love when women come prepared?! Poppy and I were out on a hike when she confessed that she had brought a vibrator out with her! We did our best to find a secluded spot, though it was hard, then she went to work on making her clit nice and hard. Her moans are palpable as she glides the head of her vibrator along her pleading cunt. You can tell that she's been waiting all day for this sweet release. I got some amazing close-ups of her huge labia and the gorgeous pleasure faces she makes as she enjoys the erotic vibrations.

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  1. Poppy goes Au Natural with a happy Orgasm. Expert vibrator usage!

  2. Ladies & Gentlemen The Vulva has landed! Poppy you are an amazing, curvy erotic beauty with curves to die for. Wonderful example of a natural, meaty vulva. Thank You!

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