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John Deer Girl

One of the only times I was even slightly caught shooting hairy girl porn in public! Poppy is brave and unshamed and we couldn’t resist this awesome tractor when we saw it. At the end a man walked by while Poppy was still naked and smiling! We told him it was an art photoshoot. ha!


New model: Poppy Cox!

I met Poppy and new I had to have her on naughtynatural. She is genuinly bubbly and cute with the most adorable face and amazing curvy body. Say hello, to miss Poppy Cox!

06.14.13 10:40 minutes

Beach Time

Poppy tells us about some guys on the beach commenting on her. She likes being different and showing off. Talking about her escapades turns her on so much can’t help but masturbate.

06.01.13 8:44 minutes

Poppy tractor

We sure had a close call with this tractor. Thankfully, we succeeded in Poppy having a fabulous orgasm and right as we were done a guy walked by us! Her white cotton panties got all dirty from the machinery but we had a great time filming this gem for you!

05.23.13 11:09 minutes


Poppy’s getting ready to go on a date. As she stands there, ironing her gown, she decides it’ll be best that she relive some built up tension before the evening begins. She starts stripping out of her clothes, teasing you with her supple skin and fuzzy all-natural armpits. Finally, she lays on the ground to stroke her bushy pussy to orgasm.

04.10.13 12:55 minutes


Poppy dresses up in some hot fishnet stockings and spreads her hot hairy pussy so she can cum hard!

11.08.12 7:17 minutes

Outside Vibration

Don’t you love when women come prepared?! Poppy and I were out on a hike when she confessed that she had brought a vibrator out with her! We did our best to find a secluded spot, though it was hard, then she went to work on making her clit nice and hard. Her moans are palpable as she glides the head of her vibrator along her pleading cunt. You can tell that she’s been waiting all day for this sweet release. I got some amazing close-ups of her huge labia and the gorgeous pleasure faces she makes as she enjoys the erotic vibrations.

11.29.13 - 4;55 minutes

Sexual Evolution

Poppy continues talking about her sexual evolution.


Getting Pretty

Poppy tells us about how sexy it makes her feel to get dressed up and do her hair and make up. Such a pretty girl and so down to earth!
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12.21.12 - 3:32 minutes

Tractors and public flashing

What luck! We stumbled upon this tractor while looking for a spot and brazen Poppy was willing to masturbate right out in the open! At the end of the shoot somebody did walk by and ask us what we were doing, he didn’t seem too concerned though. Ah, California!