Peek into my World

My closet needed to be cleaned so I put on a tight little dress, set up my camera and started cleaning! I soon got hot in my tiny closet and took of my dress, showing off all my gorgeous, dark body hair. I get so turned on I pull out a big dildo and masturbate on the floor!

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  1. OMG!!! I never tire of saying, You’re an angel, too beautiful to be real.

  2. shackwise11 says:

    super erotic Nikki, fantastic!

  3. bushman1942 says:

    There is nothing sweeter smelling then sweaty hairy armpits just made for licking and inhaling that intoxicating pheromone scent until you become high and then burying ones face and tongue all up in the forest and hairy ass crack…mmmmm. mmmm would be my breakfast ,lunch and dinner and dessert. I would love to lap up your sweet lemonade piss from your hairy pussy and wash my face and body with it

  4. artsychiguy says:

    Mmmm what a gorgeous body! I imaged my face sat on and smearing juice all over me!

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