Shower Goddess

Fox is sweaty and tired after a day adventuring with me! We decided I should film her in the shower. Damn, Fox is so beautiful, I have such a crush on her! I think it helps me get better shots of models when I'm infatuated with them, don't you think? Enjoy Fox enjoying herself and her hairy body in my shower.

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  1. Steve2022 says

    It definitely helps you to get some fantastic shots when you are infatuated with the models. You linger a bit longer on the close ups that others might not give a second consideration. Makes all the difference in the world. Honestly it’s one of the best things about NN!!

  2. Fuzzynuggets465 says

    Nikki! I wanted to ask, do you have any behind the scenes videos of fox just walking around naked during the shoot? Looking for totally candid, uncut footage that didn’t make it into this video. Not edited or anything, just random candid footage of naked fox walking around on set. That would be very hot, and I would be willing to pay extra for footage like that. Thanks!

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