content featuring Fox

06.23.22 - 415 photos

All Natural Goddess

Let Mistress Fox seduce you with her super thick bush and beautiful eyes.

05.03.22 - 283 photos

Fox <3 Nikki

So excited to release this photoset with one of my favorite models and verrrrry good friend, Fox! We have such a great connection and natural chemistry. Enjoy us enjoying each other… Video cumming Thursday!

12.30.21 - 171 photos

Arboreal Dominatrix

Mistress Fox isn’t just deadly in the bedroom but also in the tree’s! This slender and seductive, hairy goddess teases and taunts you with her electric eyes and generous ass before climbing up in my apple tree to spread her hairy pussy at you.

07.01.21 - 302 photos

Mistress Fox and Brooke Casey

Mistress Fox can’t wait to get her hands on the sweet and succulent, Brooke Casey! I am so proud of this photoset and video! My beautiful babes!


Ode to Aphrodite

Fox and I were on a lovers vacay and I caught her down by the pond. My sultry siren let me take some photos of her.

05.19.20 - 147 photos

Haughty Hottie

Violet is wearing a beautiful vintage pearl cape and showing off her best hairy assets for you including her hairy butt hole!

01.31.19 - 144 photos

New Model! Fox!

Welcome lovely new slender and seductive, dark haired brunette; Fox! Loving this classic beauty’s curly locks, piercing eyes and super thick bush! Enjoy!

02.13.24 15:54 minutes


Fox and I were cuddling in bed. The feel of her soft skin against mine, her big fluffy bush on my leg, just got me so hot and bothered, I had to roll on top and start kissing her. Soon my mouth is all over her…

06.25.22 13:09 minutes

Worship the River

Mistress Fox looks so stunning in her lingerie at the river. She teases you and draws you in with her mesmerizing eyes and thick, furry pits. Enjoy her undressing and getting nice and wet in the river… in more ways than one!

05.24.22 8:47 minutes

Shower Goddess

Fox is sweaty and tired after a day adventuring with me! We decided I should film her in the shower. Damn, Fox is so beautiful, I have such a crush on her! I think it helps me get better shots of models when I’m infatuated with them, don’t you think? Enjoy Fox enjoying herself and her hairy body in my shower.

05.05.22 54:54 minutes


I am so pleased to release this amazing video featuring my real life lover, Fox! She is so sexy, sensual and knows how to touch, lick and fuck me just right! That’s right, finally I get dicked down with her strap and it feels soooooo good!

02.22.22 10:43 minutes

Hairy Mistress Uses Your Cock

Your going to let Mistress Fox do whatever she wants to you. Including teasing you with her delicious hairy pits and bush before she sits on your cock and rides it till she squirts all over you.

01.01.22 10:55 minutes

Drink it all up

Will you earn Mistress Fox’s squirt by drinking up all her piss? This extremely hydrated, arboreal goddess makes you worship each and every body hair before climbing into the tree to have her way with you. Could she be more gorgeous?

07.04.21 51:24 minutes

4K! Hairy Tickle Mistress

Mistress Fox has a fun toy to play with, the deliciously hairy and playful Brooke Casey! Fox caresses and kisses Brooke under the apple tree before undressing her and tying her hands above her head so she can tickle and lick all her yummy body hair. Finally Fox has Brooke on her knees before taking her inside to bind her legs together and eat her hairy pussy before fisting her and riding her face! Epic!

06.13.20 11:26 minutes

The Lesbian Gaze

Put on your headphones for this one friends! I chat with Fox while she touches herself. The first hairy, lesbian ASMR video! With a surprise ending… I just couldn’t help myself. Filmed by a special friend.

06.07.20 4:17 minutes

8 Girl Pee Compilation

Eight separate shots of hairy women peeing! Some shot close-up and others further away. We pee in buckets, in a birdbath (don’t worry, we cleaned it out after LOL!), in the desert, by a stream, you name it! Watch us release our sweet golden nectar then admire the way it beads at the tip of our pubes. Ending with an epic pee by me!¬†

05.21.20 12:11 minutes

Creamy and Hairy

Violet strips and masturbates, her pussy gets super creamy and juicey before she squirts!

07.23.19 15:44 minutes

Hairy Ass Crack

Fox shows us her gorgeous hairy ass crack in this sexy, hairy, masturbation video.

05.21.19 14:02 minutes

Hairy Charisma

Fox teases you with her silky, entrancing voice while showing off her gorgeous body. She finally takes out a big toy and stretches her tight, hairy pussy nice and wide to cum.

02.02.19 13:40 minutes

Hairy Squirting!

Fox wow’s us with her first video! She wasn’t sure if she would squirt or not but told me it was a possibility! Her cum squirting out of her thick fluffy bush is quite a site to see! Enjoy this beautiful, all natural lady.