White Lace

Cookie is wearing only a white lace shawl in the middle of the woods. Her huge puffy bush sticks out and she can't help but play with it as she sways and moves. She starts rubbing coconut oil into her skin and soon has to remove her shawl to access her breasts and upper arms. Soon she is rubbing it into her bush and all around her clit and labia, turning herself on till she lays back to make herself cum.

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  1. What a wonderful film! The beautiful(l) bush of Cookie, her impressing ass, her fantastic hips, her sexy boobs, her intensely eye, her attractive face, her perfect body. Under the tree, she seems to be a fairy queen. Her clitoris makes me crazy. Her absolutely natural orgasm is a highlight of naughtynatural.com. Thank you, Nikki, for this film. Great light, scene and atmosphere.

    • Nikki Silver says

      So glad you like it! Cookie is fantastic and a great example of the kinds of all natural, amateurs I have access to who are also very much adult women who know how to make themselves orgasm! I will definintly be shooting more of Cookie.

  2. Of the 17 min video, only a fleeting 4 short minutes – from 6 to 10 min – of her standing showing off the best and most erotic parts; that delicious big shapely buttocks, lovely full hairy vagina & my faves, her hips. The pear-shaped girls are the most resonating and leave me breathless (panting) for more. Many names for the upper, outer, curvy thigh bulge..my terms: loins, haunches, love-handles etc. Next video of Cookie’s, would love, love, love seeing her walking toward camera and away so I can ogle a little longer at the aforementioned mid-section. Thanks, Nikki.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Glad you enjoy it! I will have you know that I have included at least a few minutes of full standing nude shots to all videos now because of the high demand! The models tend to get a bit bored though, once it goes on for more than a few minutes, do you have any ideas of things they could do that would be interesting to the model and the viewer? Walking forward and back is a good idea if there is room but any other ideas? I’m sure you can understand that standing and walking around without doing anything else can get a bit boring! How can we spice it up?

  3. Meant to add that I loved Nikki’s low camera angles looking up at her ass. A big WOW for that. Think I could have taken that view or a whole vid just with those low angles, including maybe a masturbation scene.

  4. niri7043 says

    In this video, her big clit is so visible! Love this woman! Big clit, hairy pussy, wide hips, big buttocks,, ahiry armpits, soft, beautiful eyes, beautiful face. I want to make love to her.

  5. I love seeing you stand Cookie and seeing how big and hairy your heaven gorgeous pussy is, it the hairiest, most gorgeous pussy I have ever seen in my life! My cock is in absolute ecstasy when I see your big hairy pussy when you stand! Your pussy lips are the most gorgeous I have ever seen, I want to bury my face in all your pussy hair and smell and taste and lick and smell a lick for hours! You are the most beautiful woman with the most hairiest and most gorgeous pussy and the most heaven on earth pussy lips I have ever seen in my life!

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