White Lace

Cookie is wearing only a white lace shawl in the middle of the woods. Her huge puffy bush sticks out and she can't help but play with it as she sways and moves. She starts rubbing coconut oil into her skin and soon has to remove her shawl to access her breasts and upper arms. Soon she is rubbing it into her bush and all around her clit and labia, turning herself on till she lays back to make herself cum.

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  1. What a wonderful film! The beautiful(l) bush of Cookie, her impressing ass, her fantastic hips, her sexy boobs, her intensely eye, her attractive face, her perfect body. Under the tree, she seems to be a fairy queen. Her clitoris makes me crazy. Her absolutely natural orgasm is a highlight of naughtynatural.com. Thank you, Nikki, for this film. Great light, scene and atmosphere.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      So glad you like it! Cookie is fantastic and a great example of the kinds of all natural, amateurs I have access to who are also very much adult women who know how to make themselves orgasm! I will definintly be shooting more of Cookie.

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