Hitachi Queen

Jane loves roses! As she’s lounging at home(or my home, haha) reading about her favorite plant, she can’t help but absorb some of it’s sensual power. Luckily I left my hitachi around so she can have some fun soaking that gorgeous, hairy pussy.


New Model Jayne Vervain!

Well, after Jane passed her ‘audition’ for NaughtyNatural we went off to the woods to shoot! Enjoy this naturally furry, brunette woodsy goddess!


Gone Camping

Ivy has gone camping and is relaxing reading her book. This cutie with a booty toss’s and turns until she just succumbs to her urges and starts caressing her all natural body, including her beautiful armpit hair.



Kendis’ copper bush looks so beautiful in the brilliant sunlight. This former model really knows how to work her all natural, slender body. Enjoy!


Copper Bush

The first video Kendi and I shot together. She moves and grooves her body down by the river, slowly taking off her clothes, showing her lithe, all natural form, her coppery bush and furry armpits before sitting down to make herself cum in nature!


New Model! Kendi Oh!

Big, Warm Welcome to a new friend of mine and beautiful new model; Kendi Oh! Kendi is new to porn and loves being all natural, head to toe. Her pubic hair is awesomely curly and a coppery color; Enjoy!


Stocking Destroyer

Felix looks so cute in her little dress and full pantyhose. She struts and shows off her amazing legs in ass with lots of shots from below before using her heels to rip through her stockings to get to her hairy pussy which was just aching to be touched.


Hairy Latex Domination

Warning: Mild Humilation
In this bit of role play, beautiful, hairy, alien princess has landed on earth and you are dying to worship her amazing all natural body clad in latex! However she’s decided you aren’t good enough for her and she shows off her amazing latex dress and heels, her all natural, furry legs as you grovel beneath her.


Hairy River Nymph

Vivi’s fit body looks amazing in this sheer white dress, dipping in and out of the water and letting it run over her perky nipples and dark armpit and bush hair. Thick white girl cum pours out of her pink pussy as she cums on the rock! Don’t miss it!