Classy Hairy


  1. mrpaulw says:

    Freya is absolutely gorgeous!! Her bush and pits are just stunning!!1 Great job, Nikki!

  2. YNGWIE18 says:

    Outstanding Set!!!!!!!!!! She’s Very Sexy and Well Done Nikki!!!!!!!

  3. YNGWIE18 says:

    Also….Love Those Legs!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NeverHairyEnough says:

    Freya you are my absolute favorite model here! You’re so beautiful with the way you flaunt your flawless body and hair. Each video I watch with you, or photo set I see, makes me crave more Freya even more! Lol

  5. cloudsinmycoffee says:

    Nice of you to take a moment to respond to members’ comments. Meeting you would be a dream come true!

  6. buckeye1974 says:

    Great bush…love the patches of curls!

  7. TopTrainer says:

    Freya you are an absolute treasure love you lots x

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