I made myself cum at the pool

Rise and shine! It's time to masturbate at the pool...

Nikki gave me a darling baby blue vintage bikini for the shoot today. It was so tiny it could barely keep my hair covered! My bush was spilling out through my bottoms.

Nikki told me she wanted more anal play videos for the site and I told her that I was her girl! I love anal. My ass is pretty tight, but I'm able to get more and more up there each time I get fucked or play with myself. I stripped out of my bathing suit for the camera and started rubbing my clit and fingering myself by the pool. I got so turned on that I was able to stuff two of my fingers deep inside my ass and finger myself at the same time. I was so proud of being able to fuck my ass so deeply that I spread my cheeks apart and showed off my gaping butt hole to Nikki.

I'm excited for the video to come out! There will be lots more anal from me and Nikki. We want to start filming ourselves turning each other out and working on those tight hairy ass holes! Soon she'll be able to fuck me in the ass with a big dildo.

Well, time for sleep, I'm sure my dreams will be wet. Hope yours are too!



My summer of love and the Hairy Girl Mafia

Hey there Hairy Pussy Lovers!

Bianca here posting my first ever blog entry for Naughty Natural. I am thrilled to be a part of this site. It has all the things going on that I want in a porn company; model owned and operated, do-it-yourself approach, community, love, sex, and friendship.

I moved into a spacious loft bedroom in my warehouse here in Oakland.  I spend lots of time drinking tea, laying around naked, and hanging out with smart beautiful ladies. Zooey moved into my house and we are getting along famously! We spend lots of time cooking healthy food, socializing, and prancing around in our skimpy undies and pajama wear. Expect to see us web-camming together regularly on SkinVideo.com!

I'm also launching a new hairy site of my own! It's called HairyKink.com, which will be a Video on Demand site routed through Clips4Sale. I've been making lots of fetish and kink content with some of the models on this very site! I'm learning lots of cool skills like video editing and photography which I gained through helping Nikki launch this site. Working with Nikki has truly been a gift I am grateful for. She has taken me under her wing and made me her little pornography apprentice! As a team, we will be bringing lots of amazing hairy girl content to the world!

Through porn I have learned so much about myself and sexuality. Porn has given me the outlet to express and explore my sexual fantasies and desires. I'm learning a lot about my body and orgasms too. I recently did a shoot for a site and squirted for the first time! I was so thrilled about it that I actually cried from excitement on camera. (There are links to the content on my Twitter profile: @xBiancaStonex).

Expect lots of sexy, genuine posts filled with updates, photos, and exciting news about myself and the Hairy Girl Mafia here in fabulous California!


Bianca Stone

Me from the Chicago Naked Bike Ride earlier this summer


Nikki interviews Natalie in the forest

Nikki interviews Natalie at a picnic bench near the woods before they have a sexy adventure and explore the forest together. Natalie shares what it's like to be a hairy girl and what inspired her to grow it out and stay hairy!

Penelope’s tea time photo shoot

Penelope has a photo shoot with Nikki on the leather sofa. Nikki teaches her some modeling techniques and poses while Penelope drinks her tea and tries out the moves. Watch her build up her confidence and feel sexy in front of the camera. She plays with her feet, body hair, and even her incredible inverted nipples and pops them out for the camera.Tanya films the action and enjoys watching the shoot and holding the camera for her first time. You can even see Tanya learning how to shoot!

Bianca masturbates on the bed