4K! Lesbian Stocking Play

Minerva and I put on some thigh high stockings, and lay back in the bed to rub are hairy legs together through our stockings, it feels so good! We rub and play with each others stockings, and rub our hairy stocking feet on each others hairy pussys. We eventually take off the stockings and suck and lick each others hairy toes!

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  1. KillahCock says:

    The hairy toes are sexy and tasty

  2. KillahCock says:

    Minerva’s hairy feet between Nikki’s hairy breasts might be the sexiest (no pussy eating) scene on this site. Or ever 🙂

  3. shackwise12 says:

    oh, so fantastic!!

  4. Oregon54321 says:

    The foot fetish part is the best, would keep me here forever if you make some closeup foot fucking.

  5. Dobermann1 says:

    Please, please, dear Nikki, film more of hairy toes and feet! this is just tremendous and ever best.

  6. temping333222 says:

    Is this the same video that is on Miverva’s ManyVids site?
    Its about the only one I haven’t got. Just wondering.
    Great shot here. Loved it.
    Thanks for sharing

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