Bonus! 3-Way Cam Show

In case you missed the cam show of Kisa, Harley and myself, here it is! Not available for download but you can log onto the site and watch it anytime you like!

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  1. johnr769 says

    High resolution not high resolution

    • Nikki Silver says

      I am aware. Please see my reply to E.N. about why this video is a low quality. It is bonus content shot on a webcam and there will be a full HD video 3-way video of the 3 of us coming out in the future. I repeat – This is a Recording of a Live Show and Bonus Update – it is NOT a Full Scene.

  2. j11223377 says


  3. To be honest, it´s a bit of a pity to have such low resolution on a cam show of this magnitude. Three of our hairy favourites finally in one place, and the picture quality looks as if it was transferred from a worn out 30 year old VHS cassette. I don´t like criticising Nikki and NN, but the technical side of this upload is a huge disappointment. That´s probably what happens when the bar is set so high. This definitely feels like a missed opportunity.

    • Nikki Silver says

      So, here’s the story. My programmer and I were working on live web cam streaming and it happened to coincide with a trip Kisa and Harley took here which we’d been planning for almost a year.

      Even though the streaming stuff wasn’t perfect, including issues like quality, I figured members would rather see a low quality show than miss the opportunity for a 3-way live show.

      Sounds like many members are happy to have the show posted even though the quality is of course extremely lower than any of the videos – that’s because it was a live show – ‘shot’ on a webcam, not a video camera.

      And like I said, my programmer and I are still working on smoothing out all the kinks. The live cam shows are a bonus feature for that reason, not a garuntee’d aspect of the site and hence not flawless, like everything else. 😉

      You can rest assured I did a full photoset and high quality, HD video of Kisa and Harley together as well as Kisa, Harley and Me. Those videos will be coming out at a later date, this is simply an extra, a gift if you will.

      That good enough for you?

  4. Missed this when it was on so glad i could watch it 🙂

  5. says

    You did not get any good pussy licking camara shots in, I guess its harder when its live and unedited lol. Thanks for the upload though, I hope Vesquila does a lesbian scene soon aswell. She is the best looking woman on here, a girl on girl scene would be gold.

  6. manika70 says

    why has Harley short headhair? please a answer

  7. manika70 says

    When comes the video with harley and kisa. I love you three in such poses

  8. manika70 says

    When comes the video with harley and kisa. I love you three in such poses, please an answer?
    Does harley prefer to go with women than with males? please an answer?

    • Nikki Silver says

      Harley and I answered the question about if we prefer men or women in the live cam show – go watch it.

      There is a 3-way video and a video of just Harley and Kisa coming up. Both will go up in the next 6 month – I don’t give specific dates.

  9. Desnudez says

    Three pretty hairy women putting on a show for us and all people want to do is complain.

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