Hairy Brunette

Caressa stretches in her sports bra and short shorts on a sunny day. She strips nude and gets in touch with the plants around her, playing with her big fluffy bush and armpit hair, showing it to you close up, before sitting back to masturbate outdoors!

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  1. I love the way the sun shone on her tummy fuzz, arm, leg, bum hair (what a nice bum Caressa has btw), . I bet you were waiting for the precise time for those angles from the sun, stalking it like a ninja. There’s just nothing like that sun for a great bodyhair highlight and you are really mastering it. I don’t worship it myself, but I can appreciate that people did and still do
    Beautiful lower leg hair too, wow, can see it a mile away
    Great shots here, thanks for sharing.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hi temp
      Your comments are giving me life! Thanks for much! I do stalk the sun like a ninja! Always tracking her and figuring out where she will be at what times. 🙂

      • Imagine an app that would project where the sun will be shining at any day of the year so you can put plants in the best position for most light. I’m on my 4th attempt with a magnolia in different spots. It’s just coming back now, was very close to kaput. I hate to give up on things. Got some dodgy advice from the place I got it. A good lesson learnt though. I think they are native to Florida. Jacaranda are my fav trees, so unique. Each branch tells a story, storms, frost, drought. Got 2 and one had a very standard 3 straight branches. A storm happened, now 2 are bent with plenty of suckers coming from them and the other has this great S bend formation. It’s got character now, happened so quick
        Can someone pls make that app for us, we don’t ask for much 😉

        • Nikki Silver says:

          Aw cutie, you know the way to my heart!
          I have such an app and use it for both gardening and shooting! It’s called sun surveyor – search for it in the app store. Very useful, you just have to be in the spot you want to track the sun in.
          Regarding your Jacaranda and Magnolia, I don’t know much about those 2 but if you want to nerd out on plants you are very welcome to email me at

  2. absolutly yummiiiiiiiiiii ;-

  3. shackwise12 says:

    love this model!

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