Hairy Nude Yoga

I gathered together some of my favorite models for a nude yoga retreat out at a cabin in the woods. Watch us stretch and move our bodies in all kinds of exposing positions, breasts hanging, legs wide open, arms to the sky. Pearl suggests some good poses and then a final relaxing pose that really helps us all release a lot of tension...

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  1. shackwise12 says:

    5 gorgeous bodies, in a super setting , giving us loadsa pleasure !! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Rooster2000 says:

    To all the ladies, as a long time watcher of xxx films…I honestly say, Wow….that was awesome. I tell you my opinion. As an ex athlete myself, I also have much experience with stretching and breathing exercises. I can only imagine, the initial pain you all must have felt going through the exercises and holding it for as long as you all did.

    However, I love the end part from around 13:00 min in, where you all are in a cool and calm relaxed state. Again, how you your bodies must’ve felt :-)…..then for the, “Mastrubation Assault” in the end..where 5 beautiful luscious naked woman in orchestra are simultaneously masturbating and then climaxing in the end!!!….Hats off to all you ladies, job well done…I have never seen something like this before….Wish I was there to witness…XOXO….Question, the lady in the left at around 13:17 suggests for you all to do a, “Sage??” Which is a Mastrubation assault? If I understood correctly…..was this a Tantra exercise?….Thanks XOXO

  3. Soulbear42 says:

    I do not possess the poetry in my soul to properly express how majestic this is!

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