Filling her Hairy Pussy

Kisa Fae is so cute and full of whimsy but don't be fooled. A ravenous sex drive hides behind her impish smile. She loves filling her hairy pussy with the biggest dicks she can find!

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  1. Steve2022 says

    Golly the wood panel background matches so well with her pale skin and dark hair. The aesthetic is beautiful! This site never fails to satisfy.

  2. frederic thibault says

    last videos are my 4 favorites hairy girls kisa fae olive wren minerva furry and you nikki

  3. shackwise12 says

    Seeing is believing, & here we see the gorgeous Kisa, surely one of the most hairy models encountered so far! Posing in a white one-piece & purple patterned scarf, Kisa teases us by revealing her hairy nipples and super pussy! With lovely girating movements she discards the clothing and caresses her body with eager hands. front and back poses highlight those amply covered legs, arms bottom, treasure trail and armpits, not forgetting the wonderful facial hair ! Reclining on to a bed, Kisa produces a nice fat dildo and with soft sighs and moans, lubes the dil up and inserts it into that sumptuous pussy. With slow but deliberate actions she begins to bring herself to that all important climax! Finally with some clitty massage Kisa is rewarded with a beautiful orgasm ! KIsa’s sultry performance, under Nikki’s expert guidance and photography result in a perfect piece of filming, another star on the wall !!❤️❤️❤️

  4. takenakagawa1 says

    Hi Nikki, this video is so amazing! KIsa looks so nice and erotic with such dark and thick hair everywhere. Among her spectacularly awesome hairy assets, what I like the most is the one on the transition from armpits to nipples. When she stretch her arms, it lookks another treasure trail for me. Her masturbation scene with thick dildo was also amazing!

  5. muser424ki says

    Awesome video!

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