4K! Spicey

Kisa shows off her sexy garter belt and stockings.

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  1. Absolutely sexy!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. One Word: Incredible

  3. shackwise12 says

    Well what can we say?? That vid was just totally incredible!! The Gorgeous Kisa, in all her finery, almost a touch of Victoriana, with the sexy dress and red ankle boots, and the “Can Can” way she flicked the hem about!! Hairy legs under nylon is an absolute mind-blower, and Kisa’s legs more than fit the bill!! Hair top to toe, plus those gorgeous arms, armpits, facial and of course pussy/bottom hair complete a perfect picture for sure!! Double seamed nylons were innovative and accentuated the under lying hair to great effect!! Close-up shots of Kisa’s lovely face and other bodily features were excellently portrayed, I almost felt I was in the room with her!!! The finale build-up to orgasm was tortuously exciting, with a wonderfully satisfying climax to finish!! Another great addition to the collection Nikki, and so well produced as ever!! The stars and hearts are positively glowing with this masterpiece!!

    I want more Kisa πŸ˜‰

  5. Her pussy lips are so lovely and her ass is so cute.

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