New York

I had a lover of mine, Kaden, shoot me on a private rooftop in NY overlooking the Manhattan Skyline! I love how this lace bodysuit feels on my skin and my dark body hairy looks great in it! I slowly strip out of my outfit, teasing you with my hairy armpits, nipples, bush and more. Once I'm naked I make my way to a chair and tease my pussy and hairy asshole until I'm ready for a big fat dildo. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow, the gods and goddesses of hirsute must have really smiled upon you. How did you find such a nice day in NY?:)
    I love watching you love what you feel and feel what you love. Thank you, Natural One!

  2. Nikki is such a pleasure to watch in action that it makes my toes tingle. All her travel videos are so enjoyable.
    Just be careful out there on that ledge…the view might be a little hairy!

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