Samone’s Backyard Fun

What's better than an intimate moment of naked yard work followed by a creamy dildo fucking orgasm? Don't worry, I'll tell you the answer: absolutely nothing!! As Samone tends to her garden she begins getting hot and sweaty, taking off her clothes one by one. She stumbles upon some fresh nasturtium, decides to harvest it then sits down for an afternoon snack. Her unique hairs were illuminated by the natural light and I couldn't help but capture a few moments in intimate detail. It's so curious the way the long hairs on her chest and nipples poke through. Don't you just want to press your lips against them for a feel?! I also really love how thick and natural her leg hair grows. It's wooly almost! Such a turn-on! After enjoying her snack and capturing the glorious detail of her unique hairs, Samone decides that she'd rather be masturbating under a redwood. I mean, who wouldn't?! She used her favorite dildo to cum hard, leaking out thick gooey white girl cum. It was amazing. Seriously, you will not believe how creamy this hairy woman can get!!

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  1. jum29new says:

    Very sexy!

  2. jum29new says:

    Very entertaining, which I was there with you.

  3. Samone does herself with a little white girl juice…Nice way to climax the day!

  4. swimbo1221 says:

    love samone she is really hot

  5. canklelover says:

    Miss Samone is amazing! I volunteer to lick her clean!

  6. Love this video

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