Samone Shade

Samone is the life of the party. Always organizing friends and lovers for fun and naughty soiree’s, she can be counted on for a good time.

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11.15.12 - 233 photos

Make it Bounce

Samone and Bianca are some of the wildest hairy girls I know. I’ve experienced their booty bouncing skills at dance parties and knew I had to get them together to bounce their booties, sans shorts so the world could see they’re hairy pussy’s peaking out the back. It’s a site to behold, let alone the hot sex they have after making it bounce!

06.11.12 - 111 photos

Samone gets naughty in the backyard

Samone strips down for her bright shorts and top to nothing. Lots of close ups of all her awesome, extra, special hairy bits.

04.29.13 10:42 minutes

Boat Orgy Part 2

In Part 2 of my epic Lesbian Boat Orgy Ava breaks my audio with her squirt! Luckily the camera got back on it’s feet afterward but I we owe this naughty girl another spanking, and maybe Luca will make her squirt again!

06.30.12 12:48 minutes

Samone’s backyard fun

Samone is doing some yard work and then decides she’d rather be naked and masturbating under a redwood. She uses her dildo to cum really hard, leaking out thick gooey white girl cum.


Fun in Samone’s backyard

Samone gives Nikki direction on the best stance for peeing on camera. Nikki shows Samone her “pee dance” and shakes her dripping pussy. Samone relaxes after cumming and juicing all over the lawn chair.