Hairy Woman

Maggie shows off her hairy mature body. Isn't she alluring?

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  1. Oh sweet God, I love Maggie, I have loved her since I first saved her all of her sets on ATKHairy (Elizabeth) in 2008 to now. She is perfect, perfection, in a dream woman cum true! I love her camel toe in her shorts, that would be enough to drive me insane if I saw her shopping at the grocery store in those shorts!!! Her butt is so big in those shorts! OMG, you can see each pussy lip in her SHORTS!!! Oh Lord, her bush is so thick & so gorgeous!!! I love that penis sliding in & out of her gorgeous hairy pussy!!! Maggie’s so funny, it’s correct, you can’t tell if the machine is into it, it won’t KISS her & paw at her and embrace her, I kiss & kiss & kiss her to show how much he loves her & how much heaven his penis is experiencing from being inside her gorgeous hairy pussy!!!

  2. Very nice. I would love to see more mature models on NN!

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