Hairy Lady

Maggie disrobes and shows off her hairy body.

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  1. hardcock28 says

    Maggie love your beautiful body and all that hair!! just gorgeous

  2. Maggie is so beautiful, I love her in that dress! Her BUSH is paradise, there is nothing on earth as beautiful as a woman with a thick, gorgeous bush, when I see it I have the strongest instinct to lick & lick & lick, my tongue starts making the movements; I WANT to KISS it, put my face in it, my nose in it, smell her heaven!!! I love her hands spreading her pussy open, I would love to be there on my knees, smelling & licking it as she spreads it for me, I ache for that hairy pussy, I ache for her scent & smell!!! I love the complete shot of her, I LOVE seeing a woman nude, head to toe & seeing her BUSH! I love her movements; ancient humans must have been in HEAVEN, seeing women nude, walking, working & doing their daily movements nude or with very little clothing!!! Her bush is heaven, her butt is so big!!! I love the satisfaction of seeing her in the chair & her spread, her pussy lips are heaven, nestled in all that gorgeous pussy hair!!! Her pussy play is paradise, I love hearing her moan & seeing her asshole open & contract!!! I want to kiss & lick & smell every inch of her all day, before my penis finally finds release inside her at the end of the day, as ancient humans did it, sleeping in our communal hut (or cave in Ice age Europe)!!!

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