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07.22.13 - 124 photos


Coral twists and bends and shows of her large ass on her tiny frame as well as her amazing all natural heart shaped hairy pussy!

02.26.13 - 116 photos


It was a little cold the day we shot so Coral used this trench coat to stay warm. Check out her super hard nipples through her pink dress and hairy bush spilling down her legs.

08.10.13 13:46 minutes

Flower Tease

Finally we found a more secluded spot where Coral could have some fun with her soft, porcelain body. Her meaty pussy lips hang out from her bush before she spreads them and gets herself nice and wet… This video is for you if you enjoy a sensual build up followed by an eruption of hairy pussy passion. Lots of close-up hair shots, finger fucking, and a ton of different positions.

05.16.13 10:08 minutes


It was a cold, rainy day in a small coastal town. No one would have expected the pale and elegant Coral Aorta to be running around in nothing but boots and a trench coat covering her supple body and soft furry bush! But wait, there’s more! She takes the coat off entirely and makes herself come on this public path! This video is for you if you enjoy unshaven exhibitionists. Lots of hairy close-ups showing off Corals’ leg hair, armpit fuzz, and that gorgeous soft bush of hers.


Shaving! Oh no! Part 2

Here’s part 2 of our special shaving video. Watch Coral lather up her hairy legs with shaving cream before shaving them to become soft and silky. This may not be for everybody but I hope those who enjoy it do very much! Includes lots of intimate hairy close-ups, full bush and hairy leg lathering, and some amazing before and after shots of Coral’s shaven transformation.

03.03.13 7:41 minutes

Shaving! Oh No! Part 1

You asked for it, and she did it! Coral agreed to shave her legs for the good of porn! In part 1 of this 2 part video, Coral teases us with her hairy legs and strips down in the bath. She gets herself all wet before beginning… teasing you with the fact that her wooly legs are soon to be smooth-shaven. She has such an erotic charm to her. Gazing into your eyes and moving her holy hairs in all of the right ways. Keep your eyes peeled for part two of this hairy shaving series!

04.26.13 - 4:58 minutes

Kinky Girl Next Door Part 2

Kinky girl Coral Aorta explicates on what turns her on and her passions in part 2 of this rainy day interview.


Kinky Girl Next Door

Meet Coral Aorta, your kinky, art school girl next door. Coral is adorable and eloquent and looks so cute in her trench coat and umbrella. Watch her fun out takes as well as an interview with her about her passion for preformance art and her kinky sexual interests.