About Miel


Miel gets overheated

The theme of this week seems to be me forcing girls into the hot sun for photos and videos! What can I say, I’m a little sadistic, but its all in good fun. Miel strips down to her teeny tiny bikini before spreading her meaty lips on this grassy hill.

08.07.12 - 128 photos

Miel Tunnel

Miel has a confident, cool energy that is so inviting. She is the epitome of fearless in the super public outside photo set we did at a construction site. We were sneaking around and quite a few people were around and she couldn’t care less.

07.15.12 - 126 photos

Miel orgasms in the shade of a tree

Me and Miel hiked up through some pricker bushes to find this nice tree with the shade and grass for her to strip and masturbate under. Miel is such an amazing girl, so confident and cool.

11.15.20 37:54 minutes

Reboot Bonus! Exclusive Lesbian Amateur Susan

I dug this scene out of the archives for you! Susan is a super hairy, all natural amateur having lesbian sex with her friend Miel. Make sure you comb through our archives and check out all the sexy, hairy scenes we have from the past, there are some gems there!


Hot Sun

The sun is bearing down and making Miel feel light headed so she takes off all her clothes and relaxes.

09.30.12 17:35 minutes

Miel Fingers Her Ass in a Tunnel

Ever want to see a hot hairy blonde strip and finger her ass in a construction tunnel? Miel is your babe! She has a big ass and knows how to work it. In more ways than one! Watch her strip and make her ass bounce in the tunnel before fingering her hairy asshole and making herself cum! I got a ton of erotic close-up shots of her finger plunging deep inside of her hungry hole. This hairy amateur knows how to work the camera. She humps and grinds, pressing her meaty lips hard against her craving fingers. Isn’t it so fucking hot hearing her moans of pleasure echo throughout the tunnel?! If one thing’s for certain, it’s that Miel is sure to leave you coming back for more of her playful charm.

07.08.12 16:08 minutes

Miel Relaxes in the Shade

Miel enjoys the sunshine in her lacey belly top and flower print booty shorts. She looks so pretty as the dappled sunlight shines through the branches. I get lots of great shots of her generous ass and natural beauty as she strips out of her clothes. She looks like a work of art stroking herself by the tree. She lays down in the grass to explore her hairy body with her curious hands. Gliding her fingers along her juicy clit and making herself cum to the sounds of the birds and leaves.

08.25.12 - 6:39 minutes

Miel’s interview

Miel is so charasmatic. She makes talking about growing vegetables sexy and tell us a few awesome stories in my backyard.