Reboot Bonus! Exclusive Lesbian Amateur Susan

I dug this scene out of the archives for you! Susan is a super hairy, all natural amateur having lesbian sex with her friend Miel. Make sure you comb through our archives and check out all the sexy, hairy scenes we have from the past, there are some gems there!

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  1. This is an alright girl on girl scene but there is not no face buried in hairy pussy action in this, you have definitely improved dramatically when comparing this to your current girl on girl stuff. Do you have any face buried in bush stuff hidden away in your archives or did you not do it back then, like maybe you had the camera angle there once or twice or something?

  2. rockwrench13 says

    Thanks a ton Nikki!!!!

  3. A gem indeed! There is nothing sexier than two hairy girls that seem to have chemistry. This video was probably shot before Nikki invented the “lesbian gaze” POV shot. excellent video.

  4. shackwise12 says

    2 great girls!

  5. That was a nice treat. Thanks for posting this Nikki. It’s fun to see some new hairy women.

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