After Lunch Snack

Part 1 in this multi-part series. Joey and Lilah go on a picnic date and Lilah brings Joey back to her house. They can barely keep their hands or mouth off each other and start feasting on each others hairy armpits as soon as they walk in the door!

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  1. hairyboner says

    Awesome ! That’s how to eat pussy !

  2. These two beautiful women are truly into each other and know how to make love in a fun and exciting way, wow this is beautiful and sensual!!!!

  3. better than any abby winters video. THANK YOU camera person for keeping the camera where the pussy is for a good long while while the girls are feasting. great stuff.

  4. I’m a big fan of joeyMinx ..she is so sexy

  5. bigbushguy says

    Lilah’s ass shaking when she”s nose deep in Joey’s hairy pussy made me so hard!

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