All Wet

Harley shows off her gorgeous bod in this bikini before getting it all wet and stripping it off in the river, she splashes and puts water on her gorgeous hairy armpits and bush before swimming around and finally using a glass dildo in her pussy.

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  1. Due to the abundant richness of body hair, Harley and Kisa are the perfect models to shoot in this environment. Harley always looks amazing, but better than ever when she is wet all over. This upload is a gem!

  2. Nice video! She is very sexy and her body hair is gorgeous in all wet.
    Indeed she is the hairy goddess to me.
    By the way, what has become of her girl/boy video?
    I am really looking forward to it.
    You are really doing good job, Nikki.

  3. Hey hey I’m a new member and I love this video. Curvy/chubby girls are so beautiful to me! You did great Harley (^-^)

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