Hairy Worshiper

Ruckus comes over with some flowers. He starts disrobing a little too quickly for me so I kindly re-direct him. I guide him through worshipping my body hair and pleasuring me sexually, ending with getting his dick nice and hard so he can fuck me in a ton of positions and make me cum hard! Lots of great POV and close up shots! Enjoy, I sure did!

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  1. that POV doggy is one of the hottest things ive seen on the internet!!!!! nikki please incorporate this into all of your future vids. amazing! thanks

  2. Absolutely fantastic!!!

  3. glorious, I missed these videos, there were many solos lately

  4. Noob Saibot says

    I just renewed my membership, wo! I hope this not pov vid I recommended you, boy girl scenes never do it for me. I am attracted to girls, not boys.

  5. bigbushguy says

    Nikki, you are a sex goddess. Thank you

  6. Fantastic! I love the hairy worshipping of the first part of this video as much as the POV of the second part. Would love to see more of both. Also love how you speak when you encourage the hairy worshipping.

  7. uncuttsixx says

    Love those hairy nipples ,pits,treasure trail,legs and of course that beautiful hairy cunt.lm getting a membership for sure you are crazy hot!

  8. preese01 says

    Nikki, You are HOTTTT. WOW !!! and Those Hairy Legs and Pits…..Gawd….!!!! Ruckus is one lucky dude to have you. Wish I were there !!

  9. hairytostay11 says

    Nikki you are the best…hairytostay

  10. Deepkimchi2 says

    Yes, wow, I agree very hot!! Ruckus is one lucky dude!

  11. gopichandran says

    Love you nikki

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