My Hairy Stepmom

Kisa and Roxanne are amazing at role playing. In this consentual, age play video, Kisa is Roxanne's step daughter. Roxanne can't help but notice Kisa's abundant body hair on her arms, legs, even face. She comments on it and makes the shy Kisa laugh in embarassment but gently gets her to talk about what the kids at school think and even if she's had sex before. Roxanne offers to show Kisa her hairy armpits and soon has Kisa undressed and is playing with her sweet pussy. Roxanne gets Kisa down on her knees and shows her, her bright red bush, pushing her beautiful face with all it's little hairs into her clit and riding it. Then she lays Kisa down to properly worship all her amazing, thick dark hair. Finally making Kisa cum with her mouth and hands. Last but not least Roxanne lays back to let little Kisa worship her amazing pussy. DL for best enjoyment!

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  1. Ufff extraordinary

  2. that video was great. I love Roxanne getting that hairy pussy licked. I wish that was me. I bet I can make her cum for sure. Great video. I will love to see more girl girl video with Roxanne.

  3. keithperna10 says:

    this is probably one of best videos i ever seen such hot beautiful hairy women…Kisa is a drem come true..along with Roxanne this is totally hot girl on girl…You guys do a great job on this site more and more hot hairy girls everyday along with lesbian fun….This is awesome site…Thanks for all your hard work…Thanks to the hot girls that keep us coming back…Love you guys

  4. I truly feel sorry for young people in today’s shaven world. They’ll never experience the unrivaled pleasure of a TRUE muff dive! Roxanne, Kisa, and Nikki, I thank you for this magnificent demonstration of a lost art form! 🙂

  5. Great content here Nikki both Kisa & Roxanne are lovely and hairy ladies.
    The only miss is I would have loved to see Roxanne eat out Kisa the way Kisa ate Roxane.
    Kisa’s hairy body, ass and bush need to be eaten and featured with plenty of closeups and panning back so the viewer can see her in all her glory….Next one eh?

    • Nikki Silver says:

      What do you mean exactly -the way Kisa ate Roxanne? I feel pretty sure they both went down on each other and course I let them do it in the manner they desired to. I really had so many closeups of Kisa’s body, did you really want more?

      • Kisa really used her whole mouth and sucked her really good, putting Roxanne’s whole pussy in her mouth, devouring it hungry style, not afraid to bury her face and get wet and messy. Roxanne seemed a bit more timid, would have liked to see her “literally” bury her face in Kisa’s super hairy pussy and ass and just gobble her up, sucking that beautiful pussy to orgasm with us only seering her nose and eyes and she makes that pussy cum hard. Some future amunition for the next girl girl pairing, that is what we want to see.

        • Nikki Silver says:

          Hi there,

          Thanks for your input. I try to do a balance of shots where you can actually see what the model is doing to the pussy and then letting the models go for it. While I appreciate your input, I’m sure you don’t actually speak for everyone, so I will continue to try to get a balance of both kinds of shots.

    • Nikki Silver says:


  6. WOW! Loved that. Two very sensual women. I like storylines. The seduction of Kisa was well done. Dirty talk would be a plus. Does Kisa ever undo her braids on camera? That would be hot too. I am new here so maybe she does at some other video. I really love this site Nikki.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      glad you enjoyed it! not everyone likes role playing and storylines but I personally think it’s super hot and a lot of the models really enjoy them as well. Kisa only wore braids in this one shoot, mostly her hair is huge, long and down, flying all over the place! Go check out all her content! And thanks for joining!

  7. mmcdaniel says:

    loved it need more hairy girl girls videos

  8. Blueflyte says:

    So … brand new member and this is the first scene I’ve watched. Wow is all I’ve got! Great fun storyline, wonderful girls, and all the hairy good times a fella could ask for. Thanks so much, Nikki, Kisa and Roxane! Loving you, loving the site!

  9. gatoblanco says:

    This was one of the hottest hairy girl-girl shoots I have ever seen. It took me a week to get through it. Beautiful hairy girls, great close-ups and lots of kissing which I happen to find extremely erotic. The role playing was very stimulating as well. Great job!

  10. All I can say is wow holy fuck. I just literally discovered this whole new genre ( well new to me lol) of body hair legs armpits etc etc and its a huge turn on. Funny thing is I’ve never been into the hairy thing so Im not sure what happened but alla sudden its dam erotic seeing armpit hair on a hot female. Having said that…Im really into the mother/daughter and/or stepsis/stepsis thing. I know its kinda taboo but man its erotic to see 2 chics go at it with that role play. Thank you for this scene I hope to see more. Def one of the hottest videos period I’ve seen in all of porn imo. Well shot good sex hot chics and they played the roles very well.
    Thx Nikki for doing that. 2 hairy lezbos playing mom/daughter. Thats absolute heaven.
    SO GLAD I JOINED NN. I decided to make NN my 1st ever hairy site b4 any1 them other hairy sites btw lol & Im glad I did.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Aw, welcome!!!! Yes, I am super into age play and taboo role play also. Hope to have more of it up soon(there are limits to what I can do with my biller though) And I fear you will be spoiled for any other hairy porn being here. That’s OK with me! haha, xo

  11. Wow, does Roxanne have a twitter account. Like to send a sweet message to her and a request.

  12. Was rewatching this movie, now realizing it is such a great film. Very nice seduction storyline and camerawork of highest quality. And these two sexy ladies really seems to be into and enjoy each other a lot. My favorite scene was Kisa going down on Roxanne with her incredibly wellshaped furry ass pointing in the air. Wow 🙂

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank Nikki. This was a fabulous video you shot. Kisa drives me wild, but throwing in Roxanne and I’m in heaven.

    Kisa is so incredible. Roxanne is great too. Together here they are overwhelming. Kisa plays the embarrassed schoolgirl perfectly, that giggle while getting her hairy bush massaged is so crazy hot. About lost it when Roxanne started licking Kisa’s face, bet she got a good taste of her own pussy. I’m so jealous of Roxanne, licked every inch of Kisa’s hair

  14. Best video ever!

  15. peticochon says:

    one is serious the other so funny they are both acting this attractive senario with two lovely women, maybe stars a tomorrow, stars at any case today in playing soap in this sweet and touchy

  16. GenuinelyAdam says:

    I love the solo Roxanne video in which she talks dirty. I believe it is called “Behind The Shed.” I can’t seem to find it anymore. If anybody can find it, please post the link. Help!!!

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