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07.22.16 - 67 photos

Badass Rocker

07.22.16 - 130 photos

Hairy by the Pool

Bianca is so classically beautiful with a special twist! Her bush hair which does all the way down her delicious ass crack and her hairy pits!

07.22.16 - 89 photos

Dangerous Woman

05.31.16 - 75 photos


05.31.16 - 95 photos


05.31.16 - 98 photos


11.15.12 - 233 photos

Make it Bounce

Samone and Bianca are some of the wildest hairy girls I know. I’ve experienced their booty bouncing skills at dance parties and knew I had to get them together to bounce their booties, sans shorts so the world could see they’re hairy pussy’s peaking out the back. It’s a site to behold, let alone the hot sex they have after making it bounce!


Bianca at the pool


Bianca comes home horny


Upskirt Behind the Scenes

One of the first first photosets I ever shot for NN!

07.07.13 - 4:23 minutes

Panty Parade 2

Last shoot ever done in this house, me and Bianca chat with the camera.


Cleo and Nikki’s Picnic: Behind the scenes with Bianca

I have so much when Bianca shoots me! It’s fun switching things up. We tried to do our hairy sex video out in the woods but the mosquitos were just too bad so we went back to my house where we could really be comfortable šŸ˜‰

09.15.12 - 6:38 minutes

Penelope paints herself

Penelope is super cute and silly in this shoot. She showed me and Bianca a painting she was working on and we knew we had to put it in the shoot. Then she starts painting her pretty pink pussy with the brush.

Then an electrician comes to work on the house and Penelope is still in her lacey teal thong!

On the drive back me and Bianca run around guerrilla peeing and talking about peeing


Escape to the “Post-Apocalyptic” tennis court

The girls discover an abandoned, or rather “Post-Apocalyptic”, tennis court while exploring the outskirts of town. Nikki loves playing tennis, but Bianca loves filming her play in her skimpy outfit more! Before heading back to town they decide to pee for each other in public while no one is watching and get each other horny and excited.

06.11.12 - 21 photos

Zooey and Bianca get silly with a big purple dildo

Bianca and Zooey god around with a purple dildo, making crazy faces and rolling around. They both look so cute in their high socks and short skirts.