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06.12.12 - 98 photos

Zooey harp

Zooey had so much fun posing with this harp. We got to do fun things like shoot her nipples through the strings. Don’t miss this one.

06.09.12 - 104 photos

Zooey Glitter

Zooey loves Glitter. Or sprinkles as I call them. She painted them on her face, nipples and treasure trail(another Nikki Silver coined term) and poses in my doorway and on the bed.

06.08.12 - 98 photos

Zooey Closet

Zooey is having fun in the closet, pulling different clothes out. in the end she just makes a big pile and strips out of her bra and panties to play with her hairy pussy.

06.07.12 - 79 photos

Zooey park

Zooey takes me to her secret spot in the park. She’s wearing a short skirt and heels, there are lots of great natural light, leg hair, heel shots in this set.

05.26.12 - 197 photos

Sunbathing and boys

Usnea and Zooey went to a park and found a nice secluded picnic bench to sunbath and read on. They got distracted talking about boys and what turns them on and end up admiring eachothers hair, making out and spreading their hairy pussy’s for one another.

12.07.12 13:00 minutes

Zooey Straps it On

Don’t you wish you could get up in between Zooey and Usnea? Their soft hairy bodies caressing yours…thrusting, kissing, licking. I know I do! After sucking on Zooey’s juicy clit in part 2 of this naughty lesbian trilogy, Usnea lays back for some head of her own. Zooey was eager as she spread the meaty lips of her partner. Exposing Usnea’s juicy clit and even juicier hole. You can tell how excited and turned on both of them got as Zooey lapped and sucked on Usneas hairy bush. After lots of flirty and giggly foreplay, Usnea tells Zooey that she wants her pussy pounded hard. And in proper lesbian fashion, she reaches over to her nightstand to grab the perfect toy for the job. Zooey straps on a big cock and goes to town on Usnea’s tight pussy. You can see her pussy gripping around the cock, pulling in and out… It’s so hot to watch! I got a ton of delicious close-up shots of her hairy pussy in action because I know how much you love it. Enjoy xo


Usnea and Zooey Explore their Sexuality

Some time has gone by since Zooey and Usnea have hung out and it seems they’ve both evolved in their sexualities. What started as straight girl kissing and groping in the park has become full-on lesbian hairy pussy licking and finger fucking. As they kiss and explore each other’s hairy bodies, you can tell how excited they both are to be in each other’s presence again. Zooey can’t help but moan and squirm in delight as Usnea fingers her hairy pussy. She begs to feel the sensual embrace of Usneas warm mouth against her swollen cunt. It’s so sexy to watch the two of them exploring their sexuality with one another.

07.15.12 13:54 minutes

Zooey and Usnea Flirt and Kiss in the Sunshine

Usnea, Zooey, and I went to a park with the plan to snap a few photos, but the girls started chatting and were just so cute that I had to videotape! It all starts with innocent gossip, talking about the men they’ve been dating and whether or not they’ve been seeing any women. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, things are getting heated! You can feel the magnetism as Zooey leans over to take Usneas sunglasses off before pressing their soft lips against one another. It’s so hot watching the two of them flirt with and explore each other’s uniquely hairy bodies! Usnea gets behind Zooey and offers some amazingly sensual neck kisses before sliding her shirt down for some extra naughty breast play. The way she massages and caresses Zooeys’ beautiful breasts is such a turn-on to watch. Even I was getting all hot and bothered while filming!!! After a nice breast massage, Usnea gets onto her hands and knees and offers herself up for Zooey to toy with. In between kisses, she teases and rubs Usneas hairy pussy above her yellow polka-dot panties. It was a little too public to go all the way… but that’s the fun of it, wouldn’t you agree?

06.14.12 10:08 minutes

Zooey’s Harp

Zooey is so fun. She loved posing with this amazing harp. It’s so cute and sexy the way she noodles around in her high heels and fancy dress. Doesn’t she have the most alluring charm? With that gorgeous smile, her piercing eyes, and those amazing hairy legs of hers! She takes her time as she strips out of her cute dress and pink heels. Feeling all of the different textures from the mix of lingerie and her soft velvety skin. Aren’t her tan lines so hot?! The way she teases you with her succulent breasts and that nice round ass of hers. Whew! She knows how much a good tease drives you wild. After stripping down to her hairy birthday suit, she lays down to give you a final show. Rubbing her juicy pussy to the perfect orgasm, of course! Zooey is so hot, squirming and humping her way to oblivion. I get a nice close-up of her swollen hairy pussy after she came. She’s such a dream this one!

06.14.12 13:14 minutes

Zooey’s Private Forest

Zooey takes me to one of her favorite spots in the woods. She says she likes to dress up and bring lovers here. Don’t you love the look of wooly legs and heels? She’s so cute, heels in the woods! An all-natural androgynous beauty. She leads us to a secluded spot to strip down into her birthday suit– showing off her bare feet and all of those natural hairy curves of hers! Her butt looks so good as she slides her panties down around her knees. Squeezing and spreading it to give us a peek of her fragrant bush. After a nice tease, she pulls her panties down around her ankles and spreads her pussy wide. The way she fucks and rubs her hairy cunt on the forest floor– it’s almost as if she’s done this before!!

06.01.12 6:01 minutes

What to Wear?

The wonderfully curvy Zooey just moved into her new house and was sorting through all of her clothes. As she tries on different looks and styles, she stumbles upon a nice surprise! Her favorite vibrator, of course! So that’s where it’s been hiding all this time! Zooey is desperate to reintroduce her thick purple cock with her hairy cunt and immediately lays down to enjoy herself. She strips out of her lingerie, toys with her wet pussy, and eagerly slides the textured toy into her hungry hole. It doesn’t take long before she’s a moaning ball of bliss. It’s no wonder why that’s her favorite toy!

06.15.12 - 2:01 minutes

Zooey poses with a giant harp!

Zooey was one of my first models, lucky me! She’s always cracking jokes and so much fun. Using the harp in this shoot made things extra interesting. Bianca shot this behind the scenes for us.

06.11.12 - 21 photos

Zooey and Bianca get silly with a big purple dildo

Bianca and Zooey god around with a purple dildo, making crazy faces and rolling around. They both look so cute in their high socks and short skirts.