Hairy Casting Couch with Kisa Fae

Kisa and I decided to do some role-playing. Her as the inexperienced, naive, young model and me as the horny porn producer. Don't worry, it's all consentual and planned out! I coerce the young Kisa into having her first lesbian sexual experience with lots POV from my perspective, pussy licking and strap on play! I reccomend downloading this one as it's almost 1 hour long!

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  1. Wooowwww!!!! That is incedible. Kira is incedible sexy. And you Nikki does an excellent job. One wish, if it is allowed, could you ever compare your hairy treasures and talk about? I love all the hairs an your body so much and feel so weak not being able to grow hair like an eighteen years old girl.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Sure, I’ll keep that in mind for my next girl/girl shoot, though, I am planning on doing it with Harley Hex and she will certainly have me beat! Both Harley and Kisa beat me in terms of amount of hair but I am just as much admirers of them as you all.

  2. Amazing! I spent over an hour downloading the hi-res version, but it’s totally worth it. I really appreciate in particular how you drew attention to Kisa’s big clit. I actually told her she had a big one on cam once and she didn’t believe me, and I’m like “seriously? it may not be steroidal bodybuilder size, but it’s a damn fine, juicy one, especially for such a cute little sweetheart like you!”

    I like how cute in general she was being, and how dominant you were, Silver. She’s like this little fuzzy pet! Like when she chirped and purred as you stuck your fingers in her mouth.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      You hit the nail on the head, she is a lil furry pet! And so fun to play with. We both had a great time with this shoot and I look forward to shooting more of her, she is certainly a gem!

  3. Eivind Niclasen says:

    This is 53 minutes of unadulterated bliss from Nikki and her latest find, the sensational Kisa Fae. The girl, i.e. Kisa, is one of a kind. She is an instant favourite, and I love reading Nikki´s promises to feature more of Kisa. Bravo!

  4. Sorry for the late response but, I wanted to watch this one beginning to end uninterrupted. Great stuff! Nikki, you should have your tongue insured by Lloyd’s of London as it is a masterful instrument of joyful stimulation.:) Thank you!

  5. shackwise11 says:

    great vid Nikki, even if the gorgeous Kisa did giggle rather a lot!

  6. You can email me directly,, so I can answer your questions about camming and whatever else!

  7. Hi Kissa & Nikki – Darrin from San Francisco

    Really enjoyed both Kissa videos on here. Loved the sexual chemistry between you two in the second video.
    Would have liked to seen Kissa on top of Nikki’s face feeding her that thick lipped hairy pussy as Nikki slurps up all your juices. How bout a third installment featuring mutual face riding?

    Looking forward to the follow up

  8. Sarge1899 says:

    Would love to see some domination wrestling where one girl squeezes, smothers and rubs the other girl’s face between her fuzzy thighs and calves before finally getting off on her face! Call me old fashioned :-\

  9. dreadlocks123 says:

    great video, love the hairy asses and licking

  10. Instant classic!

  11. Really great sexual chemistry every move made. Fantastic. Looks like Kisa really hooked on Nikki and her skillful technique. The person filming this video has great skills, wishing that he/she could be doing all your shoots. The technique is so professional; Qualities being there is no zooming, camera nice and steady and both bodies in full view from head to toe. Please hold onto Kisa and do many more. 10 big wows for this one.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Oh I am holding onto Kisa so tight! Glad you liked the camera work – I was directing him quite a bit(friend of mine) but I’ll keep the same in mind for other shoots, I agree it is the best perspective. xo

  12. This is my favorite movie. It is incredibly hot and naughty! Thanks for the great work. Hoping for a sequel one day.

  13. artsychiguy says:

    Its so obvious that you two want each other badly! I want to be your boy toy!!

  14. I love the natural looking strap on. Something really sexy about two women with a strap on that actually looks like a penis rather than a “toy”.

  15. OMG. I am always totally infatuated by Kisa’s magnificent hair, EVERYWHERE. And her girlish giggle is so intoxicating. But when combined with the beautiful Queen Nikki I’m so overwhelmed I can’t think. I want to be in that room. I usually want to be the one there worshiping Kisa’s hair. But with Nikki’s appearance, especially when she came out with that strapon I want to worship Queen Nikki. These two lovely make my blood boil. Kisa must have been out after this session, I was worn out watching.

  16. gopichandran says:

    Very nice nikki

  17. truloverofhairywomen says:

    Nice Nikki u eat hairy pussies just like me…Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm lick lick

  18. Arizona Cowboy says:

    Bravo Nikki! You added this category so fast. Thank you. It was obvious you enjoyed yourself with Kisa (who wouldn’t?) but just as obvious she enjoyed you. The only word that comes to mind when looking at you two is:

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