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02.11.14 - 122 photos

Dirty Laundry Part 2

Part 2 of Maggie and Maxine’s girl/girl shoot from what, last year! how time flys. They move to the kitchen for some more hairy pussy licking and while there they discover a toy in the cupboard! Oooh what is it!?

10.17.13 - 156 photos


Gorgeous curvy Maxine Holloway shows off her assets in this photoset. She looks beautiful in the direct sunlight and it’s not too bad for her pretty pink pussy either!



It was a little chilly out but Maxine was up for the challenge!

03.23.13 - 124 photos

Dirty Laundry

Maxine and Maggie come back from a camping trip and realize they have to wash the clothes they’re wearing. Once they’re naked the girls admire eachothers panties and start kissing. Soon enough there’s lots of sloppy girl girl making out, armpit licking, pussy licking and fingering!

04.18.21 26:06 minutes

Dirty Panties – Reboot!

Enjoy this scene from 2015 of Maggie and Maxine, one of the first girl/girl scenes I shot at a little SF apartment on a sunny day. These 2 are voracious pussy lickers!

10.19.13 12;32 minutes

Red Heels

Maxine sure knows how to show off her assets. She struts around in her shiny red heels, spreading her juicy ass and pussy lips till she can’t take it anymore and just has to make herself have a screaming orgasm!

10.03.13 13:29 minutes

Glittery Butt Plug

Maxine Holloway likes to put things in her butt. In this video she puts in a cute sparkly little butt plug and makes herself cum

08.03.13 12:06 minutes

Kitchen Fun

In Part 2 of this awesome hairy girl/girl video, Maggie and Maxine move into the kitchen after Maggie licks Maxine’s hairy pussy till she cums in the washroom. They find a fun toy in the cabinets and now it’s Maggie’s turn to cum.

06.12.13 13:38 minutes

Red Lingerie

Maxine shows off her curvy, natural body in this cute red lingerie. She’s so good at teasing the camera, I got turned on filming it! Not that, that ever happens…


On the rocks part 2

In Part 2 of this beach front video Maxine Holloway bends over on the rocks and fingers her hairy butthole.

05.05.13 10:24 minutes

On the rocks

Maxine’s soft pink leotard doesn’t keep in her pubic hair spilling down her leg very well. It comes off quickly anyway! Due to the server switch over I am not able to upload the download version at the moment but will upload it in a few days! promise!

04.01.13 14:13 minutes

Dirty Laundry Part 1

Maggie and Maxine are eager to wash their clothes but seeing eachothers big fluffy bushes and thick armpit hair gives them other ideas. After stripping down to wash their dirty camping clothes they make out, lick each others armpit hair, and lick and finger each other’s pussys, ending with Maxine cumming hard on top of the washer. And this is only part 1!

03.13.13 7:19 minutes

Picnic Part 2

Part 2 of this awesome video. Maxine gets a big dildo out of her picnic basket and pounds her hairy pussy hard till she cums just as the sun’s setting.

02.28.13 11:12 minutes

Surprise Picnic Part 1

Maxine showed me this big, life like dildo she brought and my mouth started watering! We decided it’d be hot if she kept her pants around her ankles while she fucked herself deeply with it, and it was. 111