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01.11.18 - 120 photos

Beach Babe

Vivi looks so cute in her bathing suit! Nevermind she’s in my living room! This dark haired beauty is looking thick and lovely, check out that booty n boobs! Yummy!

10.12.17 - 121 photos

Hairy Ass

Vivi is lookin’ hot! Long hair, thick dark body hair and juicey butt! Enjoy this sexy new set.

11.26.15 - 106 photos

River Enchantress

Vivi looks so natural in this river environment. She immediatly gets her white dress wet and we can see her dark bush and hard, perky nipples right through it! She has fun letting the water dance over her athletic body before spreading her juicy pussy lips.

10.17.15 - 121 photos

Hairy Camper

Vivi looks so cute in her hiking boots and pig tail braids. She’s tired though she decides to take a break and do a sexy striptease for you though!

09.01.15 - 161 photos

Dream Girl

Vivi looks beautiful in her short, denim dress and has fun flashing her perky butt at the camera before unbuttoning the front to show off her lacey bra. This tan, athletic beauty gets fully naked and shows off her dark armpit and bush hair.

05.29.14 - 111 photos


Vivi Marie likes to go running and stretch out her lean body. Lucky for us all that stretching gives great views of her firm ass, perky breasts and baby armpit hairs! Not to mention her delicious pussy gapping in the breeze. Enjoy!

05.04.14 - 121 photos

New Model! Vivi Marie

Welcome new model Vivi Marie! This dark haired beauty has an amazing body and loves showing it off. Check out her thick dark bush and perfect pink asshole!

11.08.13 - 78 photos

2 Hairy Babes

Vivi and Luka are good friends. Good friends who like to lick each others hairy pussy’s!

07.24.18 12:02 minutes


Vivi plays with a new glass toy and gets her pussy nice and creamy! Beautiful close ups of thick, white cream in her dark black pussy hair.

01.13.18 12:57 minutes

Hairy Squirter

Vivi Marie is a hairy squirter! Don’t miss this babe with thick dark body hair making her delicious pussy squirt!

10.14.17 12:02 minutes

Hairy Beauty

Vivi is relaxing in my bed with a book and gets turned on. Her super dark armpit and bush hair looks amazing as she fondles it before spreading her ass and pussy to masturbate.

09.26.17 13:14 minutes


Vivi really out did herself this time! She stretches and undresses showing off her super long hair! Then she gets down to business making her pussy super wet and creamy! Don’t miss this awesome, hairy squirting video!

08.15.17 13:15 minutes

Shower Time

Vivi combs her armpits and pubic hair before getting in the shower to soap up all her naughty bits!

01.13.17 12:56 minutes

Raven Haired

Vivi’s dark black hair looks gorgeous against the pink of her bathing suit. Watch this raven haired beauty show off her curves before spreading wide and making her hairy pussy cum, she even squirts! What a juicey lady!

11.28.15 12:32 minutes

River Goddess

Vivi Marie gets her white dress all wet, so you can see her hard nipples and jet black armpit and pussy hair right through it! After some great close ups, she takes off the dress’s and plays more in the water naked. Eventually she gets so turned on she climbs to a rock to make herself cum. This girl is a squirter and has thick, white pussy juice that looks amazing leaking out of her pussy as she nears orgasm!

10.15.15 10:36 minutes

Hairy Camper

Vivi Marie gets tired after a long day in the woods so she lays out a sleeping mat and blanket to rest on. Soon her hands are travelling over her body and taking off she shorts and underwear so she can get to her wet, juicey pussy…

08.15.15 17:31 minutes

Strawberry Girl

Vivi is working hard on the land, pushing around wheelbarrows in the sun. Her short dress keeps blowing up as she works. Soon she gets overheated and has to take it all off and make sure supple and slender body rock with orgasm.

07.22.14 21:57 minutes

Runnin’ up that hill Full

The full version of Vivi Marie’s ‘Runnin up that Hill’

07.22.14 11:12 minutes

Runnin’ up that hill part 2

Part 2 of Vivi’s Kate Bush inspired masturbating.

06.28.14 10:45 minutes

Runnin’ up that hill

Vivi’s brought a toy to the park today. Good thing nobody’s around to catch her frolicking in her sheer panties (you can see her dark bush right through them!) striping naked, playing with her armpit hair and playing with her feet. And this is only part 1!

05.29.14 15:56 minutes


Vivi is a fit girl and likes excercising in the great outdoors! Watch her firm ass bounce in her tiny shorts and take a look at her furry pussy as she bends over to stretch. Oh, but that’s not all, of course all that moving around gets her hot and bothered so she lays down and masturbates once she feels fully worked over.

05.04.14 10:45 minutes


Vivi goes for an waterside stroll and promptly sheds her clothing to frolick naked and then make her juicey pussy cum on a rock. This girl is a major squirter!

11.10.13 33:31 minutes

Hairy Ass Licking Lesbians

Luka and Vivi get horny looking at naughty comic books so they start rolling around and kissing, while grabbing at each others athletic bodies and furry pussys’.

05.04.14 - 4:26 minutes

Meet Vivi

Vivi tells us a bit about her history with squirting as well as peeing, her muscles are quite powerfull! No wonder she can shoot out such strong pee and ejaculate!