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01.04.20 - 253 photos

Zse Zse and Kisa

Kisa Fae and Zse Zse are a match made in heaven. Waist length+ brunette hair and big fluffy bushes! Enjoy these 2 enjoying each other! Over 200 photos.

03.07.19 - 158 photos

Hairy Fun

Zse zse shows off her gorgeous, natural body in a golden field. Enjoy her innocent white cotton panties and big fluffy bush!

08.11.18 - 142 photos

Hairy Idol

Carver is more beautiful than ever, showing off her huge fluffy bush, butt and pits along with her epic head hair!

05.29.18 - 170 photos

Hairy Sunset

Carver and her epically long hair look beautiful as usual. Her thick, dark hair against tan skin. Enjoy this super bush girl! Awesome backlite bush hair close ups as the sun sets.

11.09.17 - 112 photos


Carver is all dressed up and ready to show off her super long head hair and big fluffy dark bush!

07.13.17 - 106 photos

All Stretched Out

Carver loves stretching out her muscles before a run. Catch a glimpse of her hairy armpits as she stretches out her arms, and get’s over-heated removing all her clothes and stretching fully naked!

02.23.17 - 143 photos


Carver once again shows off her long, long hair and fluffy bush! I swear this girl’s hair does not break! She flashes in her bush in her big flowy skirt and pink panties.

11.10.16 - 150 photos

All dressed up

Carver is all dressed up in heels and a fancy dress. Do you like how her long head hair cascades over her breasts and around her hairy armpits?

08.20.16 - 109 photos

Summer Skirt

All of Carvers hair is so very long. The hair on her head, her armpit hair and even her bush hairs! I got some really awesome shots showing just how long some of the hairs growing around her sweety pussy are. Enjoy the set of Carver flashing in her summer skirt.

07.14.16 - 121 photos

Redwoods Angel

I tried something new with lighting in this redwood grove to make sure you could see every one of Carvers long, dark hairs despite us being deep in the woods. She looks amazing against the deep reds and bright greens of the redwoods.

05.31.16 - 150 photos

New Model! Carver

Welcome new model Carver! This long haired beauty has super long pussy hair that swirls all around her thick pussy lips.

01.07.20 49:23 minutes

Long Haired Beauty’s

Enjoy this amazing video of two brunette beauty’s with epic, waist legnth hair! Kissing, licking and touching each other all over!


Long Hair Beauty

Zse Zse looks beautiful with her long hair and all natural body, moving in the sunlight golden field, getting naked and masturbating.

08.14.18 13:31 minutes

Fluffy Bush

Carver shows off her beautiful long long hair and big fluffy bush!

05.31.18 16:42 minutes

Bend Over

Carver gets naked and bends over so you can see just how bushy her bush is from behind, sticking out from between her butt cheeks. She starts masturbating, and spreading her pussy in this position.

03.06.18 17:36 minutes


Carver stretches out her all natural body. A funny companion to the behind the scenes video of her but this one has lots of sexy close ups as well as masturbation.

02.06.18 20:23 minutes

Super Bush

The gorgeous Carver dances in the window before getting naked and showing off her fluffy bush and super long head hair! Then she sits down to play with a new toy…

01.06.18 16:55 minutes

Hairy Leggings

Carver stretches out in her leggings on my bed, showing off her round butt! Before disrobing and using a glass toy on her big fluffy bush!

12.12.17 17:25 minutes

All Wet

Carver has fun exploring the river in her long dress. It’s cold water though and her nipples poke through her thin shirt. She takes her clothes off so she can more fully feel the water and pours fresh cold water over her super thick and fluffy bush. The feel of the water on her clit turns her on and soon she spreads her legs wide to masturbate on a rock.

11.11.17 23:40 minutes


Carver dress’s up and strips naked before working for a long time to make her hairy pussy cum!

02.25.17 12:05 minutes

Hairy Shower

Watch Carver soap up all her hairy parts in this sexy shower video with a surprise at the end! Bet you can guess what it is!

01.10.17 11:22 minutes

Long Hair Don’t Care

I know you’re glad to see Carver back. With her epically long hair, super fluffy bush and insatiable sexual appetite.

11.10.16 12:33 minutes

Afternoon Wank

Carver is relaxing reading a book alone at home when she suddenly gets so turned on. She kept help but peal off her clothes and play with her super fluffy bush, finally reaching down to her pretty pink pussy.

08.23.16 11:17 minutes


Carver is stretching at her run through the woods. She’s wearing sneakers, sports bra and short shorts. As she stretches the mid day sun makes her too hot and she has to start taking off clothes. Soon her body turns her on so much she can’t help but start playing with her pretty pussy.

07.16.16 12:27 minutes

Dancing in the Light

Carver takes her time undressing and showing off her all natural, naked body in front of a sunlight window and mirror for you. Then she lays down on a bed of white cotton sheets to play with her very long pussy hair with her long nails, finally diving her fingers into the cavern of her pussy and making herself come in the afternoon light!

06.02.16 10:37 minutes

Long Hair Don’t Care

Carver plays with her extremely long hair and shows off her beautiful all natural body with lots of close ups on her furry pits and puffy bush. She then pulls out her favorite glass toy and makes herself cum!