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12.01.16 - 47 photos

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Hairy Girls in Nature

Prequel to the hot video of these 2 coming out Saturday! Enjoy Katie and Olivia naked in the woods!

10.27.16 - 119 photos

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The Voyeur

Katie is out bird watching and see’s something she likes, is it another hairy girl in the woods? Soon she is touching herself and taking off her clothes to get better access to her furry pussy.

08.11.16 - 126 photos

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Hairy Summer

Katie is the epitome of summer fun in her cut off jean shorts and crop top. Her beautiful armpit hair looks amazing in a field against a tree. She disrobes and shows off her all natural body and spreads her hairy pussy wide.

06.09.16 - 131 photos

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Hairy Camper

This set came out SO GOOD. Katie is reading, undressing by herself in her tent, you are watching this beautiful hairy girl from the bushes. You can’t help but move in closer. Eventually she is naked and notices you, she’s mad at first but then wants to show her beautiful strong, all natural body so she stands up poses for you, spreading her ass wide and laying back down to spread her pussy.

02.25.16 - 120 photos

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Natural Armpits

Katie looks so good in natural light in my backyard, I just couldn’t stop shooting her. She shows off all her amazing dark body hair, with lots of close ups before getting totally naked and spreading her pink pussy from lots of angles. wooo

01.07.16 - 141 photos

Katie_Zuchinni_WhiteDress_1- Katie_Zuchinni_WhiteDress_2-Katie_Zuchinni_WhiteDress_3-

Furry Girl

Katie shows off her beautiful body in my backyard, stripping down from her dress to a super cute matching bra and pantie set. She shows off her super, thick dark bush surrounding her pink pussy from behind and the front, in full body and close ups, you don’t want to miss this!

12.01.15 - 113 photos

Katie_Zucchinni_bed_1 (1 of 1) Katie_Zucchinni_bed_2 (1 of 1)Katie_Zucchinni_bed_3 (1 of 1)

New Model! Katie Zucchini

Welcome new model Katie Zucchini! This gorgeous, brunette, hairy babe is a welcome addition to NN and did this intimate lingerie photoset of her in my very own bed!

12.03.16 39:29 minutes

Hairy Witch Seduces Bird Watcher

Olivia is a beautiful hairy witch who lives in the woods by herself, practicing earth magic. Katie, a city girl, stumbles upon her while looking for her bird watching group. The seductive Olivia convinces Katie to stay and relax, recieve some massage and energy work from her. Before Katie knows it Olivia’s got her clothes off and is worshipping Katie’s also, all natural body…

10.29.16 13:50 minutes

Body Tour

Katie is excited to tell you all about her body hair! She starts with her cute mustache, making her way down to armpits, nipple hairs, legs hair and of course much, much more, lots of full body nude and close ups on all her delicious hairs, ending with pussy examination and masturbation!

08.13.16 10:55 minutes

Unshaven Beauty

Katie Zuchinni loves showing her facial hair in nature. Her crop top barely covers her all natural breasts and her leg hair runs down her legs out of her jean shorts. She disrobes and plays with her pussy and makes herself cum in nature.

06.11.16 14:01 minutes

Hairy Camper

You’re taking a hike in the woods when you notice a gorgeous girl putting up her tent. You move in closer and notice tuffs of dark hair coming out from under her arms and can’t help but move closer to her tent once she gets in and takes off some of her clothes. She catches you peeping and is mad! She makes you lick her all natural, hairy pussy to make up for being a creep!

02.23.16 12:34 minutes

Stinky Girl

Katie comes in from some gardening and smells her armpits, she decides it’s time for a shower. She takes off her cute jean shorts and white tank before getting into the shower and soaping up all her hairy bits. Touching her natural body gets her turned on and she soon is sitting in the shower stimulating her clit with the shower head until she cums!

01.09.16 13:10 minutes

Glorious Beauty

Katie looks beautiful, showing her thick dark hair on her legs, before taking off her dress to reveal her matching bra and pantie set. Soon her body is writhing as she rubs her pussy over her panties, her bush peaks out the side, a hint at what is to come.

12.03.15 14:06 minutes

All Lotioned Up

First video from new model, Katie! She takes her time rubbing lotion into her thick, dark body hair. I get lots of close ups of her rubbing it into her armpits, and legs and finally her bush, before making herself cum with a big dildo!